Windstream Bargaining Report #4


The meeting convened at 9:00 am EST.

Brothers and Sisters it’s about to get live here in Kentucky. The Union in its effort to bargain a fair and equitable contract presented counters to the company’s proposals. We are trying to address the company’s concerns without deteriorating our members’ livelihoods and working conditions. Some of the retrogressive proposals include but are not limited to two tier wages, reduced benefits, removal of holiday, and freezing the pension. The company does not want to be in a partnership with the Union but would rather dictate how they are going to run Kentucky Windstream and do not want to work together to better the company nor our members. “We do not have an obligation to the workers we have an obligation to the shareholders” this is a quote from the company during bargaining. Every worker that has a 401k with the company is a shareholder but they do not view the members as being important.

Brothers and Sisters the bargaining team needs your support as we fight for the rights of working families, not only at Windstream but all of America. Let your managers know that you stand in solidarity with your bargaining team.


In Unity


CWA Bargaining Team: Local 3371 Wes Hedge and Rob Wright

Local 3372 Mike Mathews, Jonathan Dahmer,

Mickey Younger, and Jeff Mc Millan,

CWA Staff Isa Shabazz

Charlie Maxwell (CWA Bargaining Chair)