Windstream Bargaining Report #12-14

June-4 thru 6-2018


Brothers and Sisters we met again with the company and continued passing proposals trying to get an equitable and fair contract for our members. The Company is continuing to pass retrogressive proposals and your Union is remaining strong. We are not accepting the attempt to deteriorate our bargaining unit with poverty wages, high insurance cost, and frozen pensions. We have again passed counter proposals to ensure that our members can have a contract that we can live with and ratify.

We have one more day of bargaining before our contract expires with the company and we are very hopeful that the company will stop wasting time with their retrogressive stances, and finally begin to get serious about offering our members fair and meaningful proposals.

We have packaged several proposals today (6/6), in response to the despicable proposals made by the company over the past few days. Counter proposals were passed on health care, pension, and wages. We are continuing the fight, and are committed to bringing back a fair contract.


Wear your CWA red on Thursday to support your bargaining team.

In Unity


CWA Bargaining Team: Local 3371 Wes Hedge and Rob Wright

Local 3372 Mike Mathews, Jonathan Dahmer,

Mickey Younger, and Jeff Mc Millan,

CWA Staff Isa Shabazz

Charlie Maxwell (CWA Bargaining Chair)