Windstream Bargaining Report #1

Windstream Bargaining Report #1



Today we opened up bargaining with Windstream in Lexington Kentucky.

CWA Staff Representative Charlie Maxwell (Union Chair) gave an opening statement laying down the ground rules for this bargaining session. Charlie informed the company that the CWA is strong and demands respect and will also show respect likewise.

The Company and Union passed proposal and gave explanations for the reasoning behind some of the proposals.

Both parties caucused separately to further review in detail each others proposals.

After reconvening the Union requested more data from the Company in order to make a more informed decision on the proposals.

We adjourned for the day and will meet tomorrow at 9:00 a m EST.

CWA Bargaining Team: Local 3371 Wes Hedge and Rob Wright

Local 3372 Mike Mathews, Jonathan Dahmer,

Mickey Younger, and Jeff Mc Millan,

CWA Staff Isa Shabazz

Charlie Maxwell (CWA Bargaining Chair)

Windstream bargaining Team