Mobility Bargaining Report – February 10, 2018


Bargaining Report – February 10, 2018

The bargaining committee met with the company many times today in an effort to reach an agreement on certain issues. While most conversations have been unproductive, we were able to agree on proposals involving hours of work, non-discrimination, company-union relationship, personnel records, and call quality observation. On more than one occasion the company has advised the committee that we remain far apart on issues that provide our members with a better standard of living and healthcare, as well as job security. It’s quite insulting to hear the company we’ve worked so hard for, tell us that we don’t have anything to give them. What about the time we sacrifice from our families? What about the many hours we work past our shift when customers are still in queue? Does it mean nothing to them that we risk our lives driving in hazardous conditions just to come to work? NO. It doesn’t. We refuse to back down from the issues that are most important to our members. While the company may not listen to you, the committee does. We heard you and WE WON’T BACK DOWN!! Continue to mobilize and make sure the company hears your voice loud and clear!

In solidarity,

The D-3 Mobility Bargaining Committee

Amanda Gibson, Local 3212

Andrell Hubbard, Local 3902

Destanie Mason, Local 3905

Nicholas Sokolowski, Local 3108

Kelvin Banks, Chairperson

Paul Bouchard, Co-Chairperson