Meet the CWA District 3 DEX/YP 2018 Bargaining Team

Meet the

CWA District 3 DEX/YP 2018 Bargaining team

Cathy Smith (right) joined just celebrated her 20 year service anniversary after joining Bellsouth in 1998. She experienced the transition from Bapco to AT&T, YP and now DexYP. Cathy has been an active union member throughout her entire career and became a Job Steward in 2015. She started as Telephone Rep before moving into the Premise Rep position and is now acting in the Major Accounts role.

Morgan. I am currently a Business Advisor with DEXYP (formerly YP, formerly AT&T, formerly BellSouth Advertising & Publishing) out of the South Georgia-Macon District. My tenure with BAPCO began on August 21, 1995, as a DTSR (telephone sales rep). My Union Card to join CWA Local 3217 was signed on August 22, 1995, and became a union steward in 1996. After working out of the Macon office for 13 years as a DTSR, my job transferred to Tucker where I joined Local 3204. My sales ranking throughout the years prevailed in the top and was afforded the opportunity to travel abroad on company expenses on six separate occasions as a President Club /CEO Club Winner.

Throughout my 23 years with all of the companies mentioned earlier, I have been very active as a union member/union steward. I was chosen as the Administrative Assistant Local 3217 for DEXYP during the last election and a current member of the Georgia Political Council.

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