Georgia Town Hall Call Wrap Up

Georgia became the first state in CWA to have a state specific town hall call for our CWA members.  With District 3 involved with around a 100 different contracts we must get our membership helping us politically if we want to compete at the bargaining tables.  The companies we bargain with spend millions of dollars lobbying our elected officials to pass legislation that strengthens them, while slowly stripping away the workers power to have a true voice.   Vice President Richard Honeycutt was joined by CWA Local 3220 President Robert Fordham and CWA Georgia Political Council Chair Tony Tilley to discuss our political plans to hold both our companies and our elected officials from both parties accountable for the corporate tax scam they passed.  Randall Stephenson promised us 7,000 hard hat jobs for every billion dollars AT&T saved from the tax cut.  Instead they have cut 23,000 and counting!  Instead of using the savings to invest in needed rural broadband solutions or keeping call center jobs in America, they instead spent the majority buying back their own stock.  This was illegal until the early 80’s, and considered stock manipulation.  Corporations lobbied for and got the regulations changed to enrich themselves instead of their workers and customers.  It’s up to us the members to speak up and hold them accountable if we want to beat them at the bargaining table.   Please listen to the taping of our call and plan to join us the next time we have our Georgia only call. 

In unity,

Tony Tilley