YP Questions & Answers #2

YP Questions & Answers #2


1. On page 31 (article 10, Directory advertising sales work) of the document you sent us regarding:

    all incumbent reps shall participate in an initial evaluation and assessment process and offered

    roles with the this in a sense interviewing for jobs we already have? 

    In a sense yes, but it is more involved than just that – it is designed to ensure that the right people are

    in the right positions farmer (handling service) or hunter (looking for new)


    Who determines the evaluation? The evaluation is conducted by a company called AON Hewitt

    Who assesses? The results will be reviewed by HR with the employee and then historical data will be reviewed (numbers, loss, % to objective)


    Are we going to lose jobs over this? The process is not designed to “lose jobs” however not everyone will be offered a “farmer” role but all should be offered a role


    In the case they don't offer jobs to all, will seniority come into play and lowest rung will be re-assigned over more senior reps? 

    Seniority will come into play after determination is made (farmer/hunter) and prior to territory assignment


2. New geographic territories language (page 31) - who or what determines where they are?

    Territories will be plotted out by a computer program that will utilize all existing accounts to build territories

    that have the correct amount of annual revenue


    Will all accounts be from this territory? Not sure what this question means but a territory will include accounts

    that equal the annual billed revenue goal


    Can a rep sell new accounts outside of their territory? No - no one will be permitted to sell outside their assigned territory


    The language says: initial account segmentation methodology shall score accounts and prospects based

    upon actual revenue as well as propensity to buy. what does that mean? All accounts that are

    currently billing each month will determine how much revenue is in a market and Dunn & Bradstreet info

    will also be utilized to determine how much companies are spending on digital advertising with other

    companies that indicates how much wallet share is available


    Will the newly created Sales Executive position also have geographic territories?  Yes


3. Quota language  (page 32) each account and prospective account shall be assigned an annual sales quota?

    What does this mean?  Moving forward all farmers will have all of their market in their territory assigned at one

    time and this amount shall be divided by 12 and a monthly goal shall be established


4. What determines what Role and what level each is placed upon? All reps will transition at the same level


    Page 35. For example, i'm guessing i'll become a Sales Executive that is transitioning FROM New Media. What determines if I'm a SE 1 or an SE 2? 

    All DSE’s and NM will transition at SE1 with an annual objective of $80,000.00 unless they choose to take the assessment and vy for a farmer role


5. Back to quotas - what does a $1,000,000 quota mean for an AM1? Annual billed revenue of 1k which equates to 83,333.00 in


    What determines what a quota is? Annual billed revenue divided by 12 months – this will be controlled by Sales Ops


6. Quota for SE? $80,000 first year, $241,000 second year? What does all that mean?

    80k 1st year means $6666.00 goal each month - 2d year number is just a place holder for now


7. Is there a mistake on the tables on page 38 for SE Year 1 and Year 2 payout table? Both say SE2?

    Yes it is a misprint but don’t let the title confuse


8. What is page 39? shall not be subject to negotiation with the union?  The company maintains

    the right to run their business as they see fit as it currently exists


9. Can't make heads nor tails of pages 40 and 41. need explanation.  SE’s will be afforded a draw

     that they will never have to repay – it will start at 100% of the variable ($52,250.00 divided by 12 equals $4354.00)

    and decrease each month as per the table, in addition to their normal base pay and commissions


10. If we're going to 40 hour work weeks, all mentions of 37.5 should be upped to 40, I'm guessing?

      Correct, upon ratification all mention of 37.5 for non-exempt employees will be corrected.