YP Questions & Answers

YP Questions & Answers


  • In Article 1.19, 1.20, 4.01, etc., does it say “Commencing September 4, 2016 – why is it not retro to the beginning of this contract or once the contract is ratified? 

            This language is not currently in the contract. Beginning September 4, 2016 non sales employees will begin working 8 hours per day/40 hours per week. Due to changes having to be made in the payroll system it can not                    be implemented immediately.

  • Article 10 – Directory Advertising  Sales Work, PSR, MAR and New Media Reps are the ones that will be offered the new positions as AM’s, SAM’s and SE’s?  Yes
  •  Are we losing Personal Paid Time?  No PPT stays as is.
  •  Is PTO described on pages 16, 17 & 18 a combination of what we call VP and PPT now?  If so, aren’t we losing a week of time off?  No PTO applies only to vacation 
  •  Are the new base salaries retroactive to August 8, 2015?  When you say base I assume you are talking about the sales employees. They will continue to stay on their current pay plan until they transition to the new compensation plan which will be done in stages as they complete campaigns. We don't have the timeline yet, but they believe they will start sometime later this year.   
  •  Are there any commissions paid at the account level anymore? After transition to the new pay plan it will be paid at the quota level 
  •  Please give examples of what insurance costs will look like starting in 2017? I have attached a copy of the 2016 open enrollment for management 
  •  How many years is this agreement?  August 8, 2015 - 2018
  •  Is there any change to the Option to take Pension in Cash when leave the company? No changes from current state


  •             A.  What is the difference between Sam 1 and Sam 2…  The major difference between the two titles is the amount of annual revenue they will be required

                             to handle and of course the obvious, base pay.

  •             B.  What is the difference between base and variable…. Each role has a total target compensation (TTC) and that number is a mix of either 55/45 or 45/55 for

                             Sales Executives – in layman’s terms if you perform  at 100% you will achieve the TTC amount

  •             C.  Quota is based on what bots plus % increase (Looks like variable and base are a moving target)  

                             Quota is based on the amount of revenue that each rep will have in their “bucket”

                             when they switch to the new comp plan – they will be assigned all of their

                             accounts for the year

                             o   Is the quota an entry point ie based on bots plus service..

                                  no see above

                             o   3million is a 250,000 bag…  no this would be all accounts

                                 for the year at the Max

                             o   Looks like 160,000 is a cap.   Not sure what you are referring to

                                  as a Cap but there is NO cap on commissions for AM/SAM and a

                                 200% cap for SE.

 ·                       D.  Is SAM still responsible for non billing?  NO - AM and SAM

                              are PROHIBITED from selling any new