2015 CWA ATT Utility Operations Bargaining Report #14

The Utility Operations Bargaining Committee would like to thank all of the members, Locals, Staff and guests who participated in the rally August 15, and all of those who were not able to make the trip to Atlanta but conducted their own mobilization at home. CWA President Chris Shelton didn’t mince any words when he admonished AT&T to make some movement at the bargaining tables and to reward our members for their contribution to the Company’s success. District 3 VP Richard Honeycutt also called for the Company to move on the issues affecting our members and reminded them that It’s Our Turn!

We continue to caucus while the Company is researching and analyzing the proposals we have presented at the table. There have been no tentative agreements reached on the list of Union demands since the end of last week. We are not asking this Company to make sacrifices on our members’ behalf. We are demanding they take our safety on the job seriously, improve work rules that negatively impact our family lives, and allow our members to share in AT&T’s remarkable financial success.

Work Safe! Stay Strong! Keep up the Mobilization efforts!


Your Bargaining Committee:

Billy O’Dell - CWA Rep District 3 - Chair

 Ben Price – Kentucky

Gail Shewalter – South Carolina

Jason LaPorte – South Carolina