Utility Operations Bargaining Report #13

After our latest meetings with the Company, there are still many unresolved issues. The Company rejected our proposals that would have increased paid time off, increased travel expenses and included Personal Paid Days as time worked.

We presented amended proposals addressing overtime and additional work that were previously rejected, and a proposal to improve selection activity language. Although the Company did not reject the additional job functions yet, they did state they were not going to give us exclusivity to this work.

A tentative agreement was reached that would improve Recall from Layoff rights by increasing active recall requests from 4 years to 5 years and allow those requests to be placed anywhere in the Bargaining Unit.

The Utility Operations Bargaining Committee would like to acknowledge the support our team and our members have received from the BST Bargaining Committee. Even though we are bargaining at separate tables with different contracts, we have common goals. Respect, a better quality of family life, improving safety on the job and keeping good jobs in our communities.

Work Safe! Stay Strong! Keep up the Mobilization efforts!


Your Bargaining Committee:

Billy O’Dell - CWA Rep District 3 – Chair
 Ben Price – Kentucky
Gail Shewalter – South Carolina
Jason LaPorte – South Carolina