Today the Bargaining Team met with the Company. Once again, we told them we are serious about negotiating a fair contract for our members that appropriately compensates them for their contribution to the Company’s bottom line. The proposals we have placed on the table are not burdensome to this corporation, and we are prepared to keep fighting for what we believe are reasonable and affordable demands.
We resubmitted several amended proposals that would improve overtime pay and other compensation, however there was no movement on the Company’s part to reach agreement on any of these.
We continue to caucus and prepare proposals and amendments that would benefit our members. Please keep working safely. Your mobilization efforts are a vital part of this round of negotiations and we appreciate all you are doing to ensure the Company gets the message:


Your Bargaining Committee:

Billy O’Dell – CWA Rep District 3 – Chair
Ben Price – Kentucky
Gail Shewalter – South Carolina
Jason LaPorte – South Carolina