Premise Technician Bargaining Report #3 June 23, 2011

Today we met with the Company and it passed a number of proposals. Lengthy discussion ensued resulting in the parties caucusing for hours. Many questions were developed to clarify the Company’s proposals. The parties reconvened in the afternoon to get questions answered.

 The Company shared information regarding cost of installing U-Verse in ATT SE compared to the cost in the rest of the country, stating that we are about 1/3 more costly. The Company insists that in order for us to reach agreement, we must help them drive cost out of doing business in U-Verse. With that discussion having taken place, we could not agree on any proposals.

Today we received the remainder of the information requested. The Bargaining team and alternates will remain in contact as our bargaining strategy moves forward. Bargaining is in recess until further notice. Information will be posted as it becomes available.


In Unity,


Your Bargaining Team