Premise Tech Bargaining Report #7

A conference call was held with the bargaining team to discuss the status of our information request and how we can move forward at the bargaining table. After weeks of calls, the first installment of our information request will be received right after Labor Day. We have been told that the remainder of the requested information is voluminous and will take more time to compile.

In the meantime, the Premise Tech grievances are being met on with little success which has given rise to filing NLRB charges against the company with more charges being written and processed. We have asked the company at the very least to negotiate a meaningful grievance procedure memorandum to give some relief to the Premise Techs many of whom are being mistreated on the job.

If we could get an MOA with arbitration rights it would make a significant difference in the way our Premise Tech members are treated. Thus far we have met resistance on the part of the company. We will be soliciting support from our bargaining unit members to stand up and participate in some concerted activities to encourage the company to move from their current position at the bargaining table.