AT&T Southeast Premises Technicians Bargaining

Presently the bargaining team will consist of one core local president with two alternates and three Prem Tech’s with two alternates.

The team consists of the following:

Ken Worthen – CWA Local 3912 President

    Ken Worthen has been a Facility Tech for the last fifteen years. He has been a Services Tech for ten years, a Service Rep for 3 year, a Repair Tech for 5 years and a Cable Splicer Tech for one year.

    Norman Daniels – CWA Local 3121 President - Alternate
    Gene Redd – CWA Local 3207 President - Alternate

    Michael Bartoli – Local 3122 Prem Tech

    Michael Bartoli is currently a Prem Tech. He was a Services Tech for 2 years, a Craft Support, Sales Agent and a Sales Consultant.

    Errol “Keith” Logan – Local 3204 Prem Tech

      Keith Logan is currently a Prem Tech. He has over twenty-five years in the electronics industry supporting computer chip testing and customer service. He was a Customer Service Rep, a Network Analyst -Customer Service and a Customer Service Rep-Technical support.

      Demonte Anderson – Local 3204 Prem Tech

        Demonte Anderson is currently a Prem Tech in the Atlanta area.

        Christopher Davidson – Local 3112 Prem Tech - Alternate
        William Storm – Local 3205 Prem Tech - Alternate

        Bargaining Chair – Don LaRotonda

        Staff Support – Gerald Souder

           It is anticipated the team ( including alternates) will be brought in as soon as possible for training, to review the data requested, to go over proposals and ultimately to meet with the Company.


           C: Don LaRotonda, Asst. to Vice President

               Thelma Dunlap, Administrative Director    

               Betty Witte, Administrative Director    

               Booker Lester, Administrative Director   

              John Quinn, District 3 Legal Counsel