2015 CWA ATT SE Bargaining Report #73

Your bargaining team met with AT&T once more after yesterday’s report. 

At the conclusion of that meeting we informed them that we would look at their latest proposal and get back with them next week.  Shortly thereafter, their corporate spin machine sent an email to employees professing that they wanted to bargain and we did not.  They also touted their “fair” offers and their desire to improve employees’ lot in life.

Perhaps the authors of their minutia should read the results of corporate surveys which indicate the lack of trust the employee body has in the leadership.  Maybe they should look at the corporate earnings and how the leadership compensates themselves before using the word FAIR.

Is it FAIR that a Wire Technician does not have scheduled work hours?

Is it FAIR that the Sales forces are held to unrealistic performance quotas?

There are too many UNFAIR policies and procedures, which your team is trying to correct, to list in this report.

The corporate spin doctors in Dallas have also failed to report details of the FAIR monetary package they offered.

Does a five and one half percent (5.5 %) pay increase and a ninety percent (90%) increase in healthcare premiums over the life of the contract seem FAIR to you?

It certainly does not seem FAIR or JUST to your bargaining team and we are preparing to send that message to Dallas when we meet next week.

In the interim please let them know that they cannot erode your loyalty to CWA or your family and their needs with emails from the corporate spin machine.

We hope everyone has a safe weekend and that those who are scheduled or unfortunately forced to work do so safely and with professionalism.  Please wear BLUE on Monday and continue letting AT&T know your feelings.



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Your Bargaining Committee

Mike Fahrenholt – CWA Rep District 3 – Chair
Thelma Dunlap – Administrative Director District 3 – Co-Chair
David Betz – Alabama
Jonathan Campbell – Kentucky
Herman Junkin – Mississippi
Al Guillory – Louisiana
Johnny Hernandez – Florida
Chris Myrick – North Carolina
Jason LaPorte – South Carolina
Gene Redd – Georgia
Robert Santucci – Tennessee