District 3 October News Letter


October 2017                                                                                     

Busy Year for Local 3905 in Huntsville, AL

2017 has been an extremely busy year for what was once the small local of Huntsville Alabama. Their membership has quadrupled since the AT&T/DTV merger, including a call center and DTV wire-techs. On top of this, Local 3905 took the PAF drive to a new level, helping the state reach 139% of the annual goal in PAF participants in only six months. With the HR-1300 campaign, we were able to work with the district and our state’s LPAT coordinator to get enough petitions to gain the attention of Mo Brooks, a Republican Senator in Alabama, to Co-Sponsor the bill to save call-center jobs. Our local president, David Betz, brought home the President’s Award to Local 3905. Our Women’s and Equity Committee also kicked it into full gear, volunteering at a local Pride Festival in Huntsville, and feeding the homeless vets in the Huntsville area.

 Ashley Loosier

 David Betz

Womens' and Equity Committee

Annual Operator Reunion Local 3805

On a beautiful Saturday, July 15th, around 100 previous and retired operators met at CWA Local 3805 in Knoxville, TN for the annual operator reunion. At registration each was given a 20th anniversary button with a telephone on it. We have such a great time catching up with hugs and kisses. Our Bar-B-Q luncheon was catered giving us time to talk for over 2 hours. This is such a happy time we spend together each year. CWA President, Ray Mehaffey helps to make this happen as he enjoys it as much as we do!

Article written by retiree member and retired operator – Betty Reddick

Mobilization Train the Trainer

Mobilization Training was October 16–19,2017  at the CWA District 3 Office in Atlanta, Georgia. AT&T Mobility is preparing for Bargaining (Black Contract expires February 2018) and now is the perfect time for mobilization. The training was informative, engaging and most importantly it was inspirational. Kris Raab  and Andrelle Hubbard (Mobilization Trainers) provided us with the tools to strengthen our membership, educate our members and keep them empowered every step of the way. Stronger Together!

Standing: Jimmy Hayes Local 3680, Jessica Brock Local 3519,Ganece Darden Local 3519,Angel Perry Local 3108, Daria Moore  Local 3403,Melissa Bell Local 3905, Andrelle Hubbard  Local 3902 and Kimberlyn Hughes Local 3806

Seated: Jessalyn De Jesus Local 3122, Cayti Miller Local 3371,   Georgia Turner Local 3871, Claude Lett Local 3205 and Kris Raab District 6 Staff Representative

LA LPAT Working for CWA Families

Our Legislative, Political, Action, Team went and spent some time at a call center located in Baton Rouge, LA. We shared information about CWA reaching out to our state elected legislators and representatives to help save jobs here in Louisiana and the U.S.A. We had the chance to lend a hand with the LA State Senate District 2 campaign. Senator Ed Price succeeded in the race. We now have another state legislator that was a USW worker for 30 years and a friend of CWA. We must build relationships in the state Capitol for us to succeed in the labor industry.

LA LPAT info at call center Baton Rouge,La

Local President Dwaine Henderson, State Senator Ed Price, LA LPAT Coordinator Matt Wood

New stewards for local 3704

Steward training was held at Local 3704 on October 4th and 5th.

Left to right Gene Redd, Michele Witherspoon (MO), Eric Stewart (WT), Kyle Hartshorn (RSC), Andrew Greer (WT), James Ward (RSC), Dominic Delre (WT), Nilda Meadows (RSC), Isa Shabazz