District 3 Mobility Bargianing Report #3

The District 3 Mobility Bargaining Committee met again today with the Company. We passed proposals calling for improvements in Excused Days with Pay and Basis of Compensation. The Company committee responded by passing another Benefits proposal after we rejected their initial proposal yesterday. The Company had no responses to any of the proposals we passed on the first two days of bargaining.

The Bargaining Committee would like to thank everyone at the Mobility Conference in Orlando for their show of support this morning! It was incredible to see and hear you clapping and shouting WE WON’T BACK DOWN! Back at it tomorrow!!

Thank you for all your support! Continue to MOBILIZE! MOBILIZE! MOBILIZE!



The D-3 Mobility Bargaining Committee

Amanda Gibson, Local 3212

Andrell Hubbard, Local 3902

Destanie Mason, Local 3905

Nicholas Sokolowski, Local 3108

Kevin Banks, Committee Chairperson

Paul Bouchard, Committee Co-Chairperson