Day 7 Bargaining Report – February 5, 2018

The committee met with the company today and passed proposals on the grievance procedure, updated language for our Memphis Distribution center, and amendments to our proposals on basis of compensation, Mi-60’s, and chargebacks. Although there was little movement last week, the company finally showed up to negotiate. Today, they passed counter proposals on the company-union relationship, call and sales floor observations, and hours of work. Although they’ve stated numerous times that they want to negotiate a fair contract, their actions prove otherwise. In fact, after an extensive and emotional conversation on absences and the culture within our call centers and stores last week, the company still rejected our proposals on absences and safety; specifically, during a state of emergency. We’re sure it's not hard to believe, but the company does not care about our health nor our safety. Their regressive proposal on benefits and their failure to add language that protects us from discipline in a state of emergency is highly disappointing. WE WON’T BACK DOWN!! The Bargaining Committee is intent on negotiating a fair contract that improves working conditions, higher wages, better benefits, and job security for all our members. We aren’t just fighting for today…we’re fighting for our future…for our livelihood…and for our families.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the mobilization activity today! There will be many more this week! If you need information on specific activities, please contact a mobilization coordinator. We’re in this together, and it’s up to each one of us to show the company that #WEWONTBACKDOWN!!!!

In solidarity,

The D-3 Mobility Bargaining Committee

Amanda Gibson, Local 3212

Andrell Hubbard, Local 3902

Destanie Mason, Local 3905

Nicholas Sokolowski, Local 3108

Kelvin Banks, Chairperson

Paul Bouchard, Co-Chairperson