DEX/YP Bargaining Update # 10

On 10/25/2018 bargaining team had a conference call to review the new data that was provided to us. During out last in-person session, the company, submitted wrong data to CWA for us to examine. This quite troubles some. This has been the constant theme with DEX/YP. This was a very brief call, our Bargaining team voiced their concerns about the inaccurate data and suggested it appears intentionally. and told them we are not reconvening until the company’s data is accurate. 10/26/2018 we had another short call for them to present us with a new set of data hopefully with correct figures. Typically WE do not bargain on the phone, but this was solely for reviewing corrupt data we have received in previous bargaining sessions. With the CWA Bargaining team examining the new data, it appears to be accurate. Again, the call was only to get new data. We are reconvening Bargaining for four days starting 11/13/2018. The company has not responded to the CWA proposals submitted. In the up incoming bargaining session, CWA will be passing several proposals from job security, wages, average pay. Also, we will be discussing the current pension. After this round of bargaining, CWA will be hosting a conference call about this year’s bargaining with all members. Please continue to look at the D3 website for times and the call in number. As aways, please sign up a non-member. Thanks for all being patient, As a note, adding all the days bargaining, we have only met approx 11 days. Thanks



CWA Bargaining team