CWA/DEX-YP Bargaining report #1


First of all, let me introduce the CWA Bargaining Team, Cathy Smith from Local 3101 and Scherryl Morgan from Local 3217, JR Rhodes from Local 3601 as an Alternate and myself. Please wish them the best.

Opened up the bargaining with a message from District 3 Vice President Richard Honeycutt:

Today we are opening up 2018 bargaining between DEX Media and Communications Workers of America in District three. This is going to be an opportunity for DEX Media to do the right thing and take care of our members, the ones who are the face of this company and the ones that drive the revenue. CWA understands that in order for our members to succeed that the company has to be profitable, but this does not have to happen on the backs of our members.

During past contract negotiations, it has been about take-backs as our members gave up numerous things that had a direct impact on their jobs and lives. The wage increases were minimal, while the expectations were greater. Now, DEX Media as the new owner has an opportunity to do what is right and ensure that its employees, our members, receive the job security, compensation, benefits and respect that they deserve and work hard for every day.

We want to see a fair contract, one that compensates and protects our members for the work that they do on a daily basis to make this company succeed. The advertising business is one of constant change and adaptability, and CWA needs to be part of the discussions when it comes to these changes. Technology changes but the need for quality employees does not change, and that is why we must have employment protections for our members.

I am looking forward to a great relationship between CWA and DEX Media and today will we start the process that will help to build upon that relationship. We will show that we can work together to grow the business while also benefiting our members and come out of this bargaining with a contract that does both of these things.


  1. We met today to set the tone for future bargaining session. Some of the items that the company will be discussing: Termination pay in regards to forced adjustment, Comp Plan, Virtual office, Mileage. For CWA, we addressed a compensation plan that rewards hard work with a greater payout; Requesting all DEX location in District 3 Card check. Increase in the base pay, Job security, pensions, new hires, 401k and Healthcare just to name a few. also addressed the anti-union statement made by the CEO Walsh at an all employee training meeting in Atlanta and about how his hands are tied because of the unions. It’s obvious to CWA he does not care for CWA or any other Unions. will be in a fight. We need all to participate in this journey/fight. I want to thank Local 3122 for several bargaining suggestion forms submitted today, we will be reviewing all suggested items. There is still time to submit your issues for bargaining. Tomorrow 7/24/2018, the company will give us their presentation on their new proposed compensation plan. Members of DEX/YP reach out to your fellow employees to a sense of Solidary and also reach out to the non-members and ask them to join in this fight for a fair contract. Unity


2018 CWA Bargaining Team