We, the duly appointed members of the CWA District 3 Bargaining Committee, are honored to take part in this round of negotiations. It is our intention to bargain in good faith and our expectation is that the Company will do the same.

Our members indicated to us that with this round of bargaining their concerns need to be addressed in a real and meaningful way. Their concerns are many; wages, commission structure, job security, work life balance, the existing attendance policy, and an unfair monitoring program to name a few. The members of this committee will be able to articulate these concerns from a firsthand perspective.

AT&T is a highly profitable Company and after the corporate tax rate was cut the Company rightly issued bonuses to all of its employees. Although we appreciate the gesture we know the Company can do much more.

Over the years AT&T Mobility has proven that it is indeed America’s premier mobile communications company. The members that we represent here in District 3 contribute mightily to the company’s success. Their contributions to the continued success of this Company should be rewarded. The Union does expect not only a substantial wage increase but also an industry leading medical package as well. Our members deserve nothing less.