CWA Mobility Bargaining Report #6


Day 6 Bargaining Report – February 3, 2018


The D3 Mobility Bargaining team met Saturday for an abbreviated session with the Company. They rejected our proposal on Chargebacks and passed their third benefits proposal. The Company has moved off its position that would have allowed costs for Working Spouse Contribution, Tobacco Use Contribution, Dental and Vision to be raised in the final year of the contract at the company’s discretion – a step in the right direction.

The bargaining team hopes all our Brothers and Sisters have a great weekend and drive safely on Super Bowl Sunday. Go (insert your favorite team here)!!! And don’t forget to MOBILIZE! MOBILIZE! MOBILIZE!




The D-3 Mobility Bargaining Committee

Amanda Gibson, Local 3212

Andrell Hubbard, Local 3902

Destanie Mason, Local 3905

Nicholas Sokolowski, Local 3108

Kelvin Banks, Chairperson

Paul Bouchard, Co-Chairperson