CWA District 3 Newsletter #10



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Wells Fargo Action in Charlotte, NC


Press Contact: Harold Black (, 828 217-4511

Local Leaders: Wells Fargo Profits Shouldn’t Be At Expense of American Workers, Consumers, and Communities

Charlotte, NC At a rally held today outside Wells Fargo headquarters on S. Tryon Street in Charlotte, over 20 CWA activists, local leaders and advocates rallied in solidarity with Wells Fargo workers, to highlight why the company’s profits should not be at the expense of American workers, consumers, and communities.

At the rally Harold Black/CWA Charlotte Campaign Manager, said: “Wells Fargo’s record profits are lining the pockets of their investors and executives while they continue to offshore jobs and mistreat their customers.”


The Charlotte rally, featuring local leaders from the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the Committee for Better Banks (CBB), Action NC, Corporate Backers of Hate, Sierra Club, and Poor People’s Campaign, was part of a larger nationwide accountability effort on the day Wells Fargo held their annual shareholders meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. Outside the shareholders meeting, and at more than a dozen “echo” events in Charlotte and across the country, CWA, CBB and local partners demanded that Wells Fargo stop offshoring our jobs and start reinvesting in our communities. The events came just days after federal regulators announced that they would fine Wells Fargo $1 billion for their abusive and illegal behavior.


Despite several years of well-documented scandals and customer abuses, Wells Fargo is set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Republican tax bill passed in December 2017. Estimates show the company will make an additional $3.7 billion in profits thanks to the Republican tax bill. Yet instead of a real effort to strengthen its workforce or American communities, Wells Fargo is planning to reward its investors and executives, while it continues to aggressively offshore jobs to the Philippines, where there are poor working conditions, lax labor rights laws, and dismal pay.

Concluded Harold Black/CWA Charlotte Campaign Manager, “Wells Fargo should stop putting greed ahead of American workers, and elected officials should keep the promises they’ve made to working people and start supporting efforts, such as call center legislation introduced in Tallahassee and Washington, DC, to stand up against offshoring.”




Wells Fargo: Offshoring American Call Center Jobs: Wells Fargo has been offshoring American call center jobs to the Philippines: In 2017, Wells Fargo laid off nearly 700 workers from call centers in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington. In 2015, Wells Fargo laid off 1,000 call center workers in Milwaukee. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo has been ramping up its presence overseas, with its call center presence in the Philippines growing from 100 in 2011 to more than 4,000 today, with plans to expand to another 7,000 employees in the country. Despite these offshoring practices, and their financial windfall from the tax bill, there is no movement from Wells Fargo to return jobs from overseas. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently stated that the tax bill will encourage and reward more offshoring.


Wells Fargo: Recent Scandals and Anti-Consumer Behavior: Wells Fargo employees helped to expose some of the company’s many abuses – including millions of fake accounts; racial disparities in the allocation of high-risk and high-cost loans; signing up customers to fee-generating services without their knowledge; and making unauthorized changes to mortgages held by homeowners who’d filed for bankruptcy. Workers having a voice is key to making sure the banks do right by our communities – but moving jobs overseas makes it much harder for workers to speak up.


CWA Local 3509 External Organizing Efforts

There is a notion that unions are weak in the South.  CWA Local 3509 in Hattiesburg, MS is committed to change that line of thought.  Local 3509 has begun to branch out to other areas of the community to build and strengthen the local union presence.  By doing so, 3509 wants to increase the quality of life for all workers in the region.  These organizing efforts are being led by President Michael Hodges and Sedgerick Lee with contributions from Bonnie Hester, Barbara Hopson , Johnathon Stanberry and Jeremy Eason.  

Currently Local 3509 is engaged in a campaign to organize the 1000+ employee General Dynamics Information Technology call center in Hattiesburg.    Beginning with just a few employees Local 3509 began with informational meetings two nights per week.  After just a few meetings, the Organizing Committee began to form naturally as these employees realized what was occurring at their place of work and the fire was ignited.  The fire spread as some of these committee members went to Washington DC to meet with members of Congress.  As the news broke that GDIT was under investigation of wage theft and misclassification of workers by the NLRB, more and more employees became intrigued to the possibility of having a “voice” to better their situation.  Employees who were previously disengaged now are standing together as one.  Each Monday employees wear red to tell management that they are no longer going to stand idly by as they are over worked and under paid.  With over 100+ and growing active members in weekly participation the movement is full steam ahead. These GDIT employees have learned to stand for themselves and how to reach out to their peers to continue to improve their work situation and most importantly their quality of life.

The Movement  


District 3 Meeting Ft. Lauderdale , Florida

Yvonne Kinston won the Karen Murphy Women of the Year Award. The Drum Major for Justice Award was won by Luis M. Benitez Burgos, President CWA Local 3010.  



News from CWA Local 3204

On May 14, 2018 Tony Barlow went on the WRFG 98.3 FM in Atlanta to talk about AT&T use of contractors versus CWA members doing work. In addition he spoke on the City of Atlanta (RFP) Request For Proposal. Click on the link and fast forward to 33:20 for the interview.

CWA would like to welcome our new members that transferred to Atlanta from Conyers GA. We look forward to serving you and having you join us as active members of CWA 3204.


Ms. Rita Scott

Local 3204 would like to Congratulate District 3 RMC President and member of Local 3204 Ms. Rita Scott on her nomination for the MARTA Board. Ms. Scott was nominated by the DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond. If approved, she will be the first African-American woman to represent DeKalb County on the Board.

Our legislative committee will be working hard to help Stacey Abrams get elected as Governor of Georgia. She has been invited to attend any of our future Union meeting that her schedule will allow.

Our Women’s Committee has planned a day trip to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino on September 8, 2018. For more information please contact Secretary Treasure Vanessa Jackson.

The Community Services Committee has schedule our Annual Golf Tournament benefiting the Pediatric AIDS Foundation to be held on September 7, 2018.  For more information please contact Our EVP Yolanda Pearson.

Our contract with DexMedia expires in August. Please make sure the local has your contact information on file should we need to contact you. If you have an interest in serving on the bargaining committee, please contact President Ed Barlow ASAP. Bargaining suggestion forms are on the website under the files tab.

Please join us for our next Union Meetings. July 10, August 7, September 11, October 9. We start at 6:30pm and provide either meals or light refreshments.


Below is a photo of CWA Local 3204 Executive Board and Stewards taken in May during our 2nd Quarter Steward meeting.  



CONGRATULATIONS to our CWA Local 3616 member  Catherine "Cathy" Barksdale who received her degree in  Integrated Studies majoring in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting from Salem College on May 30, 2018. Cathy was featured  on (News 2)  at 6:00pm topic "Brain cancer survivor gets surprise graduation ceremony." Because of Cathy's story we also felt it was very important that we share it. Although the Winston-Salem, NC RRC office closed this past December and Cathy was surplus and is now currently in the job bank having worked 23 years with AT&T, Cathy started her journey in 2009 pursuing her degree when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After surgery Cathy  had to relearn her cognitive skills. Being a single mother raising twin boys now wonderful you men and battling through all her health illnesses Cathy managed to work the required mandatory overtime and challenged herself to meet sometimes stressful measurements at AT&T all the while refusing to go out on disability. Through it all Cathy  never lost focus on getting her degree but  most importantly she kept her FAITH in God.  Once again Cathy had yet another health crisis which kept her  from walking with her class and getting her degree but Dean Betty Telford, the Fleer Center for Adults at Salem College, Faculty and Staff knowing Cathy's health struggles and seeing her perseverance felt Cathy deserved her  memorable moment so Dean Telford arranged a SPECIAL COMMENCEMENT just for Cathy so that she could walk and receive her degree which was also highlighted on News 2 (Salem College Holds Graduation For 1 Student). Cathy's Family and close Friends were there to share in that special memorable moment with her. While Cathy continue to deal with health related illnesses daily her philosophy is as long as God put's strength in your body keep going. This was the first and only time Salem College had ever done this and we can't think of anyone more DESERVING. Today our Local CWA 3616 CONGRATULATES Catherine Deloris Barksdale...You EARNED it and You DESERVE it!!!


                                                                                                                                                                    Picture left to right -1st picture - Catherine Deloris Barksdale, 2nd picture- Cathy with Dean Betty Telford who made this day possible, 3rd picture - Cathy with her twin sons - Reggie & Ronald, 4th picture - CWA Local 3616 members : Wyteria Rucker, Cathy , Cheryl Alexander-Warren (CWA Local 3616 Secretary/Treasurer) and Aurelia Worthy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

CWA Local 3871 Organizing                                      

I would like to take the time to thank our District for the TV we received in recognition of all our hard work on organizing. When we were selected for the Organizing SIF we were VERY excited to have an opportunity and challenge to mend and mold new relationships with the people that matter most. The ones we represent. In one year’s time, thanks to the support of the District, our Local 3871 was able to sign over 100 members and grow our membership by over 20%. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for being selected for this process. Our commitment going forward is to continue to nourish existing relationships with all of our members and to build rapport with our non-members so they know we are here for them in hopes they will join us in the fight to keep Union’s alive and strong. Below is a small thank you note from the winner/new member in our Local, Paula Loudermilk.

Thanks again,

Samantha Luna, Organizing Chair



First Photo: From left to right - AT&T members John Spivey, Donnay Spivey, Donna Fisher, Georgia Turner (Local President), Paula Loudermilk and Monica Kidd

Second Photo: Two ladies in front - Georgia Turner (Local President) on the left and Paula Loaudermilk on the right ( winner) In the back from left to right - Carl Gibson, Sandy Castle, Samantha Luna, Monica Kidd

Third Photo: From left to right is the Local 3871 Organizing Team: Georgia Turner (Local President) Paul Collins (Area Rep. and LPAT) Sandy Castle ( EVP) Samantha Luna, (Area Rep. and Organizing Chair) Monica Kidd (Steward) Carl Gibson (Area Rep & Secretary-Treasurer)


“I wanted to thank you for the 75 inch TV. It has the most amazing picture. I cannot begin to tell you how much my husband and I are enjoying it. Again, thank you very much.”

Paula Loudermilk