CWA-DEXYP BARGAINING UPDATE DAY #12 9:00am - 8:00 pm 11/14-15th 2018

The Company grew frustrated and indicated they are seeking a contract this week. Two thoughts, District 3 has only been bargaining for less than three weeks collectively. 2nd CWA again expressed receiving incorrect data was disrespectful and intentional. There is no way CWA would/could bargain without the correct data. The company presented their Last best Offer for full settlement. We are still so far apart on accepting this offer. All of their proposals are retrogressive. 50 years of bargaining and DEX want to set us back years. The Company is claiming they are financially strapped. CWA discussed at the table, asked if so financially strapped, why did DEX pay the executives a healthy bonus. Company only response, we have to retain good leadership. So do we.

Here are some of the proposals being discussed: (both CWA and the company)

  • 2-year contract
  • Benefits currently under the management plan with no guarantee. We proposed that if the management loses their benefits, bargaining members benefits will be guaranteed for the life of the contract. The company only wanted to guarantee, the following benefits. Medical, Dental, and vision.
  • Mileage Program, Have the option to use the FAVR car plan or the flat taxable transportation allowance of $575.00
  • The company created pay Areas from zero to five. These areas are for computing Cost of living salaries. Zero being mostly rural areas and 5 being metro areas. In their first initial proposal, they had one city in the lowest pay area, and the company agreed to move from zero to one.
  • Virtual office set up the stipend $250.00
  • $100 bi-weekly business stipend (2 retroactive $100 bi-weekly payments)
  • Termination pay for Performance- Max 13 weeks of pay
  • Retain current language for Grievance and Arbitration
  • CWA proposed a Neutrality clause- organizing all of the nonunion call centers (Alabama and Florida)
  • Reduction of vacation time from 5 weeks to 4 weeks. (employees currently with five weeks will lose one week, but it will be replaced with five additional paid excused days in 2019 and 2020. We now have 18 employees with five weeks of vacation time. The company proposed a new vacation time, 45 employees will reach their four weeks of vacation sooner than our current contract. Nine years or greater employees will be eligible for four weeks
  • Carryover five vacation days

The company proposed to use the “Average” pay concept for a few situations; Short term/Long term disability and Winter Break.

The company proposed, If there is a surplus, performance will play a factor. CWA is highly against diminishing Seniority.

  1. you can see we are still not close in reaching an agreement. We are reconvening with the company during the first week of December. Before we do that, The Bargaining team will be hosting a conference call. Please refer back to D3 website for the call in number. The bargaining team would like to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.