Your Bargaining Team reconvened today with a full agenda aimed at getting an understanding from the company on their stance on the following items:  Seniority, Termination pay, Vacation, PPT, Sick Leave, Pension, Average Pay, Sales Drive Comp plan just to name a few.  The company explained their position on all of the above-listed items which were not a great dialogue on the actual concept of bargaining. “Bargaining in good faith approach.”  DEX/YP asked CWA  what are some of our significant concerns in this round of bargaining; destroying of our gains from past agreements, disrespecting seniority,  presenting a Sales comp plan that in its current form, over 50 percent of current employees will lose money and Average, and the list goes on.  We again also discussed the ongoing of incorrect data supplied to CWA.  There is no way CWA can make any decision on fraudulent information. 
The pension was discussed in length yesterday; DEX/YP stated on the record that there should not be any reason why employees with a pension are not able to take total control of their pension. Whether that’s is rolling it out to another viable plan or any other options that is available.  CWA demanded that a call to the Pension Plan Administrator to clear up any confusion and also that call to be part of the bargaining so it will be part of the official bargaining records.  To get more information about your pension call 844-977-3674 or  As always, sign up a non-member.