CenturyLink / Lumen Final Bargaining Report

CWA and CenturyLink/Lumen reached a tentative agreement this evening, June 6, on a three-year contract, pending member ratification.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Wage increases each year of, 1.5% on June 7, 2021, 1.5% on June 7, 2022, and 1.5% on June 7, 2023 (4.57% compounded over three years).
  • Streamlined overtime equalization process and added defined penalty when Company fails its obligation.
  • Increased Standby pay to $35 M-F, $45 Weekends, and $50 on Holidays.
  • Reduced distance requirements to take callouts when on Standby.
  • Requires the Company to seek Union agreement before expanding Standby areas.
  • Improved time off flexibility to allow Floating Holidays to be taken in one-hour increments.
  • Modified the treatment of absences related to Supplemental Workers Comp Payments.
  • Increased voluntary payment for moving expenses when the job transfer at the instance of company is over 50 miles.
  • Added safety shoe allowance of $100 per year or up to $300 over the life of the contract.
  • Improved Meal allowance and added the payment when working more than 75 miles outside area.
  • Added company paid holiday for MLK Holiday.
  • Added language requiring the Company provide a represented employee report.
  • Maintained current levels of premium and overtimes payments.
  • Increased Termination allowance to $70k and added additional incentives to improve medical coverage when terminating under the ESIPP allowance.
  • Added auto enrollment into 401K for new hires at 3%.
  • Provides $175 annually for uniform purchase.
  • Maintains current layoff protection language and maintains current jurisdiction language.

If ratified, the contract would remain in effect through, June 6, 2024. The bargaining team recommends passage. Your Local will be scheduling a meeting to provide the membership with a full explanation of all changes. Additional details will follow.

Gene Redd – CWA District 3 Staff

Mickey Messer – Local 3680

Josh Keel – Local 3681

Brian Sawyer – 3682

Larry Newsome - 3685