2018 Mobility Bargaining Day 2

The bargaining committee met with the company today, January 1/30/2018. We proposed additional improvements to our contract for force adjustment, vacations, a substantial wage increase, and the demand for a fully negotiated commission plan. We rejected the company’s laughable benefits plan and were extremely disappointed that they did not have additional proposals for us today. However, we are hopeful that they will be more responsive tomorrow. We really enjoyed watching our Brothers and Sisters in Orlando showing the company that #WEWONTBACKDOWN!!


Thank you for all your support! Continue to MOBILIZE! MOBILIZE! MOBILIZE!


The Bargaining Committee

Amanda Gibson, Local 3212

Andrelle Hubbard, Local 3902

Destanie Mason, Local 3905

Nicholas Sokolowski, Local 3108

Paul Bouchard CWA Staff

Kevin Banks CWA Staff